Community Leaders History

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This is a list of all the users who assist in the management of a state or region of Australia, as well as links to their editor profiles.

Please do not edit this page without Country Management permission.

Waze APAC Staff

Waze Staff members represent Waze in the Asia Pacific region. Communication between Waze and the community takes place through the country coordinator. If you have a need to contact staff, please do so through the Country Coordinator.

  • dpanics (Waze Community Manager, Level 7)
  • Ottolenga (Waze Community Manager, Level 7)

Whole Country

  • ituajr (Coordinator, Global Champ, Level 6)
  • BTStar (Country Manager, Level 5)
  • glomp (inactive, Level 6)

State Managers

New South Wales

Australian Capital Territory




Northern Territory

Western Australia


Area Managers who manage New South Wales also have the Australian Capital Territory in their area. However, please defer to local managers for any questions about the ACT before asking NSW State Managers.