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Car Parks


The main guidance for Car Parks is taken from the US wiki page on Parking Lots. The main points you need to consider are summarised here.

  • The place and it's associated car park should be separate entries, not combined.
  • The naming standard generally is to precede the place name with "Parking - ".
  • The name can be shortened - for example the car park for "McDonald's Wodonga South" can be simply "Parking - McDonald's".
  • Only car parks that are available to the general public should use the "public" type. The exception to this is where multiple car parks exist for one place.

Australian Variations

The table below lists some of the variations specific to Australia.

Type Type Standard Example Comment
Park and Ride Public Park 'n' ride [station location] Park 'n' ride Strathpine This standard applies across all states to provide consistent naming. Any state differences should be added as an alternate name.
Shopping Centre Restricted Parking - [centre] Parking - HInkler Central
  • Where there is only one car park the type should be "restricted".
  • If there are multiple car parks they should be made "public".
Paid Public Parking Public [Provider] + [Car park name] Secure Parking 243 Central Avenue Street addresses are not used for car park names. The exception is when it is used by the provider to name their car park.