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Tips for New Editors

The best tip: If you have questions, reach out on the forums. It is better to ask than be red faced later.

Editing Segments

  • All streets must be named.
    • If not a street (e.g. parking lot road, roundabout) then must have City and Country.
  • When going from one node back to itself (a loop) there must be at least three segments.
  • Enter the city first when adding/editing street names so that you get the correct suburb for a street. For example, Sims Rd could be either Walkervale, Avenell Heights or Kepnock. For continuity in Waze, all of Sims Rd only exists in Avenell Heights. This is due to the street being a suburb boundary - one side of the street is one suburb, the other side is different. In cases like this the additional suburb is added as an “alt” or alternate.
  • Don’t try and make streets match the imagery perfectly. Use as few geometry nodes as possible.
  • Do not remove existing segments from a node unless absolutely necessary. This will cause data loss. If you need to move something, move the whole node.
  • Do not add unnecessary segments. Waze has a particular philosophy (keep it simple) which means streets may not be mapped exactly as they appear. For example, a street that looks like a Y on imagery may be a T in Waze; slip lanes are generally not mapped unless needed to correct a routing error.
  • It is okay to “experiment” with your updates without saving. If you are not sure of something do not save. Undo all and start again.
  • If adding or editing roads that are not simple T or cross intersections, please consult an experienced editor. If the road geometry is not correct routing instructions may be unclear. For example, a Y junction may give exit or keep right instead of the expected turn right.
  • To understand elevation, consider the seagull rule.
  • To keep the map from becoming too cluttered, map only the Parking Lot Roads that are required. This means only what is required to get to the place or to absorb traffic slowdowns.
  • Don't use restrictions for closures. Ask for a closure to be applied in the forums.
  • Don't overuse turn instruction overrides. Try and get the geometry right first. It is always better to leave 'Waze selected' if you can.

Saving Changes

  • Make changes in small groups (no more than 5) and save so it is easier to find and fix errors.
  • Carefully check all fields are correct.
  • There are differences between the app, live map and WME. It can take up to a week for all 3 to be in sync. Don’t panic straight away. Give things time.

Additional Functions

  • By all means try out the Pave function in the app but it is generally easier (particularly in built up areas with up to date imagery) to add segments manually. Pave can be handy in adding roads that are not mapped and not visible on imagery.
  • Scripts and extensions can save you time and help with your editing. But, give yourself time to learn the map editor first.