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Note that this is a draft article. This will need to be included in a more accessible article once this has been finalized (most likely into Road types and Road Aspects).

Road shields on Streets

Road shields are connected to street names instead of segments. This means that changing a road shield affect all segments with the same street (name & city) set as primary name. A street can have only one shield. When you change the primary name of a segment, the segment inherits the road shield linked to that new name, if any.

At the moment it is not possible to set a road shield on an alternate name and have the segment use that road shield. Waze is currently working on allowing this. Until this is done, we advise not to touch this feature yet! The only exception to this are road numbers that aren't visible on the street.

We are only interested in adding road shields on the map if they are also visible on the street. Many roads numbers (mostly N100-N999) aren't actually signed in real life and are therefore not useful information for the Wazers.

Take care not to indicate any "direction" on the shield. This direction is intended for other countries who use cardinal directions alongside a road shield (e.g. Route 66 North).

Waze ran a migration process to retrieve all road shields from the street names. As the app hasn't updated yet to show the road shields, we don't want to change the street names yet. Do make sure you add the road shield if you were to change the name of an existing road or add a new road with a new street name.

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