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Text to speech

Text to speech (TTS) refers to navigation instructions spoken to the driver by the Waze application. They are aligning (if all is well) to the visual prompts given in screen.

The instructions given at a specific point on your route are a combination of default instructions, and the given primary name.

If you encounter wrong pronunciation in Belux, you can report it in Slack channel #63-bl_tts.

Default Instructions

Default instructions are generated by the Waze engine based on road type, angle of the connection between roads and all kind of other things. E.g., a segment that is connected in 90 ` corner, will elicit a Nav icon turn right.JPG "Turn right" or Nav icon turn left.JPG "Turn Left". A ramp generally elicits `Exit to`, except when it is exiting to the left side. Roundabouts have their own set of instructions.

If you want to learn more about the default instructions, there is a great page written by editor PesachZ from USA about Turn, Keeps, and Exits. If you just want to check the default instructions at a certain junction, follow this scheme.

With turn instructions overrides (TIOs), these default instructions can be altered. If the pronunciation happens to be incorrect, we need to change it in TTS. There is a team maintaining this. Discussions are open in Slack channel #63-bl_tts.

Primary Name

TTS check.PNG

For the primary name, we can change the pronunciation in TTS. These can be tested in WME, with the loudspeaker icon behind the street name field in the address (see picture). Discussions are open in Slack channel #63-bl_tts. Below are the abbreviations listed that are currently managed in TTS.

Abbreviations and symbols

To shorten the length of primary names, we can use the following symbols or abbreviations that will be pronounced as full words by TTS

or symbol
translates to remarks
English Dutch french German
> (or :?) in direction of richting en direction de richtung (used mainly on ramps)
a/d aan de
v/d van de
Av. or Av Avenue
t het
Mr. Meester
Ir. or Ing. Ingenieur
Ds. Dominee
Zr. Zuster
Past. Pastoor
Prof. Professor
Weth. Wethouder
Min. Minister
Vic. Vicaris
Hert. Hertog
Burg. Burgemeester
Mgr. Monseigneur
Dr. Doctor
Gebrs. Gebroeders
Juffr. Juffrouw
St. Sint
Drs. Doctorandus
Maj. Majoor
Kard. Kardinaal
Mevr. Mevrouw
Kap. Kapelaan
Jhr. Jonkheer
Kol. Kolonel
Rect. Rector
Kapt. Kapitein
Dross. Drossaart
Rentm. Rentmeester
Comm. Commissaris
Verl. Verlengde
I+II 1+2
vdn van den
Z.Z. of Zz Zuidzijde
N.Z. of Zz Noordzijde
O.Z. of Zz Oostzijde
O.Z. of Zz Westzijde
Z.W. Zuid-West
Z.O. Zuid-Oost
N.W. Noord-West
N.O. Noord-Oost
O.-Vl. Oost Vlaanderen
[P] Parkeerplaats
Airport Luchthaven
⛽️ Gas station
Ⓜ️ Metro Metro

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