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Before adding any cameras to the Waze map, you must be sure you are accurately reporting a camera installation. Many devices may have similar appearances, but very different functions.

  • The "30" on the speed cam icon is just part of the image and is not an indication of the actual speed limit the camera is set to.
  • The current camera image in the app as well as in WME implies that the camera captures the traffic from behind. Don't be fooled. It may also catch you up front
  • It is not possible to define a camera in such a way that it differentiates between traffic going straight or taking a turn at a junction.
  • The Waze app warns about a camera if it is valid, points in the same direction as the road segment, and the driver is exceeding the limit set on the camera

Types of Camera's

Speed camera


Used for permanently mounted cameras that monitor violations of maximum speeds. They show in WME with a speed limit sign of "30" attached to the camera icon.

  • Speed Cameras should be placed at the location of the camera itself.
  • The excess speed should be set with the speed limit on the road which it is monitoring.

Red Light camera


Permanently mounted cameras monitor for red light violations and optionally for violations of maximum speeds. They show with a icon with a red and green light. Red Light cameras should be placed at the stop bar they are monitoring.

Combined cameras
In Belgium, all red light camera's also measure speed. They are mapped with a Red Light camera. There is no need to add a separate Speed camera.
  • the maximum speed is set to the speed limit for the road which the camera is monitoring.
Red Light Only
  • Leave the excess speed field blank if speed is not monitored.

False camera


Sometimes a fake device is placed. These dummy cameras can be added to prevent people from reporting these dummies as actual cameras.

In the app a dummy camera looks like Dummy-camera-app.png

Average speed cameras

Average speed cameras (ASC) measure speed over a certain distance. They are not mapped like the above cameras. Use the Average speed camera checkboxes on the road segments where the average speed is checked. (or explain here?)

Mapping guidelines

  • You can add a new camera from the DrawRoads.jpg menu at the top bar of the Map Editor
  • Select the camera and choose the type in the left menu
  • Location: Cameras should be placed over the roadway they are monitoring. The exact location depends on the type of camera (see above).
  • Shutter Direction: When the camera icon is selected in the Map Editor, the red dot should point in the direction of travel. It does not matter if the real-life camera will take a picture from the back of a car after passing, or from the front before passing the camera.
  • Place the correct quantity of cameras. You need one Camera per monitored direction. So if you have a 4-way intersection with 1 real life camera watching every direction, you need 4 cameras in Waze.
  • Speed: The excess speed is set to the Speed Limit on the road it is monitoring.
  • Lock: Camera's are locked to a minimum level 3 (or higher to the same lock level from the road segment)

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