Draft/Far Lanes History

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There is no such thing as a "Far Lane". This is about using "Far Turns" to configure Lane Guidance. Prior to that feature, we could configure LG based on the immediate turns, the turns exiting the segment. That feature allows configuring LG based on "far turns", turns further away along the trip. For the time being, this can be applied on entrances of JB, and far turns are turns exiting the JB.

The LG configuration will display two sections:

- The usual "Turns" section, with one row for each immediate turn, a turn at the exit of the segment being configured

- The "Far Turns" section, with one row for each reachable turn at the exit of the JB

Each row allows selecting lanes, setting the image of the arrow, and, for "continue straight", setting the "view and/or hear" options.

If, for an immediate turn, you want to configure LG based on the far turns, it is mandatory that all lanes of that immediate turn are checked in the "far turn" section. Please clear all boxes of the "immediate turn" line, to make the setup as clear as possible for other editors.