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We are currently updating the pages to include all regionally different guidelines. If you find inconsistencies, please refer to the English page. Thank you!
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The ability to provide driving instruction based on lanes, a clearer and smoother driving experience for drivers.
While mapping, pay attention to the different types of junctions.

If you cannot add lanes, instead of hacking the map or creating a workaround please add the feedback to the spreadsheet, choose the right type of feedback, and explain the reason why.

How does it look in the app?

- The next turn indication will transition to a lane guidance for streets where the lanes have been added from the Waze Map Editors community.

- For primary streets and minor Highway it will happen ~500m before the junction. For Freeways and Major Highway ~1,5km.

Important to know

What is currently not supported, but we are working on?

  • More complicated types of junctions. We currently only support +, H and # junctions.

What is currently out of scope?

  • Lanes on Roundabouts.
  • Merging lanes
  • Lanes on AA , the whole platform is undergoing a restructure and redesign in order to make it easier to add features.
  • Lane guidance on "snake route" through JB.
  • Bus lanes (and other not allowed lanes)

Known issues

  • Lanes are available on Carplay but are not centered, slightly aligned to the left.
  • Editing segments with lane guidance, i.e: splitting them, will cause lanes data removal so make sure to add map comments where necessary.

Where can we find more information about Lanes?

We created this Lanes Knowledge Base in order to help you start smoothly and have a snapshot of all the knowledge created during the alpha and beta stage. We’ll make sure to update it periodically with new content if needed.

At-grade crossings

At-grade crossing.jpg

At intersections with a stop line, take all existing lanes. In the example at the right this will give the following:
Left.png Straight.png Straight.png Right.png Right.png

Avoid to use at-grade connectors. See also the Global wiki

H and # crossings


On those crossing the Lane Guidance instructions will be combined. (Heuristics)

There are some conditions that must be taken into account.

  • The intermediate segment must be less than 50m.
  • Straight segments must be in a straight line (option for a 20° offset)
  • Left turn must be between 70° a 110°) You can Use "Micro Doglegs"
  • The number of lanes entering the intersection is equal to the total number of lanes exiting the intersection (i.e., no new lanes are added or subtracted in the median).
  • All intermediate segments, having more than 1 allowed direction, must be configured with LG and number of lanes must not change withing that segment.


Junction Box

Lane Guidance can be added to segments which are part of a Junction Box just as they can be added to any other segment. All turn arrows inside a Junction Box must be green (unrestricted) in order for lane guidance to work. Use the Junction Box itself to restrict any necessary turns.

Bus Lanes

Normally bus lanes are not mapped. Except when you may use this lane on the next crossing to go Left or right. So they can only be marked with: Left.png Right.png

Guidelines on when LG can be used

  • On Freeway, Major Highway, Minor Highway. On other types of road they can be used in exceptional cases.
  • On regular junctions where there are at least 2 lanes for 1 of the given directions.
  • On regular junctions where incoming lanes have a mandatory direction other than straight ahead.
  • On complex junctions. Example there are 2 segments on the right (first with an angle of <90° and the other one with an angle of > 90°

Guidelines on when NOT to use LG

In following cases, there is generally no possible confusion about which lane(s) to use, hence do not configure LG, unless the local situation is exceptional. Our aim is indeed, to generate instructions only when they are necessary.

  • On highways, for a simple 1 lane exit where the number of lanes before and after the exit remains the same.
  • On regular junctions where the pre-sorting lanes are rather short
  • On regular junctions with only 1 lane for each direction, unless some incoming lane cannot be used to continue straight ahead.

Guidelines on when to use CS (Continue Straight)

Continue Straight lane's are not shown by default. This can be overruled.


view only

  • If there can be confusion with another LG within the threshold distance (Freeway and Major Highway 1,5km, minor Highway 500m) before.

view and hear

  • When some of the lanes before the junction are not anymore available after the junction


  • Lane Tools
Go to script And click on RAW

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