Minor Highway History

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 Minor Highway 

The minor Highway (mH) road type is used for medium distances or for through-going traffic, connecting towns.

Naming example of mH in Flanders
Street City Speed Lock


If the road has a number, use it in the primary street name as follows:

Road number - street name

  • N116 - Kempenlaan, Wommelgem, Belgium
  • N934 - Chaussée de Perwez, Saint Servais, Belgium
  • N830 - E44 - Avenue de l'Europe, Athus, Belgium
  • CR118 - Rue de Larochette, Mersch, Luxembourg

Functional classification

Regional guidelines
Flanders Brussels Wallonia Luxembourg
Working on a new classification system. Please contact the region or country manager before changing anything COMFORT roads
(see details)
* N-roads starting from N100 to N999
* some R-Roads
* CR-Roads

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