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We are currently updating the pages to include all regionally different guidelines. If you find inconsistencies, please refer to the English page. Thank you!


Attention de ne pas utiliser les restrictions pour fermer une route. Celles-ci sont invisibles sur l'application et mettent plusieurs jours à être actives. Utilisez les fermetures

Segment restrictions

  • For each road it is possible to add time-based segment restriction (TBSR).
  • Click Add new for A > B, B > A or Two way.
  • If applicable check Toll road.
  • Save the restrictions by clicking Apply.

For an example of a time based restriction combined with destination traffic allowed see Complex Restrictions.

Vehicle types

For which vehicle traffic a road is restricted depends on the road sign or physical blockade:

  • Restricted for cars: Verkeersbord-C05.png
  • Restricted for motorcycles: Verkeersbord-C07.png

If poles are blocking car traffic but there are no road signs restricting motor cycle taffic, then the passthrough of motorcycles should be allowed by a TBR.

Example partially restricted segment


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