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Welcome to the Waze Encyclopedia China page

欢迎来到 Waze 百科中国页面

We had quite a successful mapraid[1] in July 2015.

2015年7月,我们获得了相当成功的mapraid [2]

What is Waze

什么是 Waze

Waze is a free smartphone application that uses the GPS function of the mobile phone for navigation and has the following features: Waze 是免费智能手机应用,它使用手机 GPS 功能导航,而且有以下下特点:

  • 语音播报转向
  • 语音播报路名(文字转语音)
  • 实时交通播报
  • 动态油价[1],中国大陆暂时缺乏该功能
  • 绕避收费道路[1]
  • 免费自动更新地图,用户改进地图
  • 多样搜索目的地:输入地址、地名、地标,或选自手机联系人地址
  • Google 地图集成数据
  • 从其他手机应用(例如 Localscope)导入地址
  • 多国语言兼容
  • 集成社交媒体

更多有趣内容,只需驾驶过程开启 Waze


  • 寻求帮助,当Waze 应用程序上道路比实际少、没有道路,缺乏路名,或来到未知区域时
  • 认识 Waze 服务器更新频率,包括编辑时机,如果运行了 Waze 应用程序并行驶过一段道路
  • 编辑 Waze 地图
  • 学会用 Waze 网页上的个人控制面板
  • 了解 Waze 常见问题术语


改进 Waze

为人为己,改进 Waze

地图的问题、错误以及限制Problems, bugs and limitations

位智这个软件又有趣又复杂。在大多数发达国家,位智的导航信息比商业导航软件更好。位智与其他开发中的软件一样,也会有要解决的问题和复杂情况。位智提供不了完全满意的体验。Waze is a fun and sophisticated navigation app. In most developed countries Waze provides superior navigation information over commercial GPS applications. Like any developing application, there are issues and complications that are being worked to resolve. Many of them are cosmetic and do not prevent a fully gratifying experience when using Waze.

Temporary issues are tracked in the official Waze server status and issues page.

Note that Waze Bugzilla, a tool previously used for bug reporting, is no longer in use. The Waze community used to report and tracks bugs and problems in the Bugzilla application. At the time, it was the best place to identify any currently known issues. There is no official replacement for Bugzilla.

Some of the more common issues include:

  • Routing distance is limited to about 1,000 miles (1600 km) distance. To route to longer distances, select a point between your origin and destination less than this limit.
  • When you request a route, the client device app assumes you are continuing in the same direction you last traveled. This is often desirable, but can lead to unnecessarily longer routes when you have a choice of direction from your starting position. If you start driving the other direction, it will recalculate the route.
  • Issues and limitations on your supported model smartphone
  • Odd routing: Waze has been known to make short detours. In these situations, Waze instructs the driver to turn off a road, only to have the driver immediately return to it. Ostensibly, this shortens the route, but it produces routes that many drivers consider unreasonable, and the time savings are often dubious. Editors can often work around this using the Detour Prevention Mechanisms.

Development plans and priorities

Waze is growing fast in features and popularity. This is not a complete list of development areas, but should reassure you that Waze is aware of your concerns and is working to make things better.

Current development focus includes:

  • Upgrading the worldwide infrastructure, allowing Waze to support the growing number of users while making the service more reliable
  • Bug fixing
  • Integrating features to generate revenue for Waze
  • Releasing the same features for Android and iOS
  • Supporting correct routing of authorized vehicles on Carpool, HOV, Transit lanes. Waze currently supports taxis, and private vehicles.

Recently completed:

  • Upgrading the World servers, which has increased the reliability and speed of editing maps
  • Improved the routing in areas of Private Roads and Parking Lot Roads
  • ASR (Automated Speech recognition)
  • TTS (Text to Speech voice guided: turn-by-turn instructions that announce the street names for upcoming turns) in multiple languages
  • Gas price integration
  • POI category search
  • Toll Road avoidance
  • Time of day turn restrictions
  • Time of day road directional changes
  • Implementing road blocks and road closures

Technical information

  • Waze routing servers
    • Routing penalties
  • How Waze determines turn / keep / exit maneuvers
    • Interactive junction instruction algorithm
  • Servers for North America and the rest of the world
  • How to send log files
  • Wiki maintenance tasks
  • Detour Prevention Mechanisms


Currently, we are using those road types with the respective road shields in Waze:

Waze Road Type


Road Shield








Expressway 国家高速 China Expwy G15 sign.png China Expwy G1514 sign.png

Provincial Highway 省级高速 Guangdong S16.png

Example: G15 - 沈海高速公路 Shenhai Expy Any roads with green colour road shield

(G15, G1514, S16...)

Major highway


National Highway 国道 China G101.png Example: G101 - 京沈公路 Jingshen Highway
  • Any roads with red colour road shield

(G101, G107[3]...)

Minor Highway


County Highway 省道 35px-China S203.png 各省省道起止城市不同 Any roads with yellow colour road shield



Primary street


Township Road 县道 35px-China X552.png 各省县道起止县不同 Any roads with white colour road shield




Road in citys, towns or villages




You know what it is


Private street


Narrow street 道路极为狭窄,未必能真正通行
  1. 1.0 1.1 不同国家或地区有不同功能
  2. 中国的 Freeway 实际是收费高速公路(Toll Way)
  3. 经济发达城市城区内国道通常没有树立路盾
  4. 深圳对福利房、微利房、廉租房一种命名,未必普遍适用。