User:Fish1552 History

Fish1552 is a resident of Southeastern Georgia for the past 20 years. He is an volunteer Area Manager for Waze consisting of the areas inside: Pooler, GA to the Northeast Townsend, GA to the Southeast Just west of Screven, GA to the Southwest And Lyons, GA to the Northwest.

He started using Waze on 16 February 2011 when he got his Droid 1. Sometime around early 2014 he began editing when he noticed that none of the navigation devices or apps had the new E-911 addresses in their system. He was able to help fix that on Waze so he began volunteering to help out. Sometime around the end of September, beginning of October 2015, the Southeast regional volunteer leaders of Waze bumped him up to Area Manager.

Outside of Waze, he has worked as a firefighter at a nearby department since 2004. He co-owns a horse stable with his wife since early 2015, that boards & half-leases horses, gives lessons, trail rides and does pony parties and local events. He also enjoys gaming on his xBox One, working on projects in his workshop, shooting sports, and anything electronic.

Things I have picked up while editing in Waze that you may not catch in the regular Wikis as well as advice I've collected from other more experienced editors. See them here.