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Recommended Scripts for New Editors

Almost all editors use scripts. They allow you to work much more efficiently and see certain types of errors.

The following are the apps that many editors start out with. (Installation instructions.)

WME Validator
Shows many common errors.
WME Toolbox
Contains many powerful tools and highlights, including fixes common errors at intersections
WME Color Highlights
Makes some road segment features easier to see.
WME Chat Addon
Gives your chat window a much-needed upgrade, and smooths away a couple of WME chat bugs.
UR Comments
Helps manage URs and responding to them
WME Closest Segment
Shows you where a place's stop point will be positioned

Screenshot Software

You will need screenshot software that will provide annotation and markup in order to point out things to others. You will want to be able to both copy/paste in Slack channels, and you will want to be able to upload to the cloud so you can share a link.


These are two Chrome bookmarklets that will facilitate getting to WME from either Livemap or Google Maps.

While Livemap already has an edit button to get you back to WME, this booklet will get you back to WME at the point where the cursor is. This allows you to use LMUR to look at URs over an area of several counties and open WME zoomed in to a particular UR.
Even thought I refer to this script as a bookmarklet, it needs to be run under a keyboard shortcut manager since it uses the cursor position.

Google Maps
This bookmarklet allows you to pick a spot on a google map and then open WME at that point. Often when I track down a bad address in Google I want to see the same spot in WME.
It's also sometimes easier to find intersections named in closures in Google and then bounce back to WME.

Links to usage (screencast), installation, and code

The shortcut manager I use for Chrome is Shortcut Manager.
YouTube screencast on using bookmarklets
Bookmarklet Code and Installation Instructions

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