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  • {{Key press|Ctrl|Alt|Shift|Win|Menu|fn|L}}

Ctrl+Alt+ Shift+ Win+ Menu+fn+L

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Poznámka, upozornenie, informácia k textu/stránke.
{{mbox | text = Poznámka, upozornenie, informácia k textu/stránke.}}


| type       = style
| small      = left
| image      = [[File:Emblem-question-yellow.png|40px|alt=Question mark]]
| smallimage = [[File:Emblem-question-yellow.png|20px|alt=Question mark]]
| textstyle  = color: red; font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;
| text       = Text for a big box, for the top of articles.
| smalltext  = Text for the top of article sections.

Druhy boxov:

type=critical – Urgent warnings.
type=warning – Serious warnings.
type=important – Important points.
type=caution – Points of concern, but not so serious.
type=speculation – Speculative information.
type=cleanup – Changes are required.
type=construction – Construction notices.
type=neweditor – New editor notices.
type=mail – Email related messages.
type=forum – Forum related messages.
type=notice – Points of information.
type=(blank) – Default; general 'box'.
type=move – Merge, split and transwiki proposals.
type=protection – Protection notices.
type=license – License notices.

Viac na stránke Template:Mbox.

Video YouTube

To embed a youtube video like the one you see, use the following widget code:



The following parameters are supported by this widget.

|id= video id (from the URL)

|playlist= playlist name (starts with PL) - first clip is played (id is ignored)

|height= and |width= define view dimensions, 420x350 is default
the maximum size for the Waze wiki pages is |width=720

Collapsible Sections

Kapitola 1


Kapitola 3


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