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The goal of this page update is to provide guidance for editors relevant to naming of railroads and railway stations. This update will be incorporated into the Illinois/Places wiki page.

This information is under consideration for the Illinois state wiki.
It should not be considered official guidance.


Railroad segments

Illinois follows the general railroad mapping and naming guidance.

Official names for railroads can be located on the IDOT Rail System page. System maps can provide rail carrier names to support other sources.

Railroad stations

Mapping of rail stations in Illinois follows general places guidance with the following additions.

Railroad stations should be created as area places covering the platforms and station building(s). Station names should be followed by the word "Station", a hyphen, and the name of the station operator. If multiple lines are operated suffix the name of the line using line-utilized abbreviations when available ("Metra MD-N").

Arlington Heights Station - Metra
Chicago Union Station - Amtrak
California Station - CTA Green Line
California Station - CTA Pink Line
Belleville Station - MetroLink

When multiple lines share the same station, secondary lines should be added as alternate names on the place.

If the station name includes street types (Avenue, Road, Street, etc.), use standard Waze abbreviations.

Pingree Rd Station - Metra

The stop point should be placed at the nearest road or PLR to the station entrance, or if there is no station, to a logical drop-off point. For stations with multiple entrances, use the main entrance or the one most appropriate for the name of the station. For instance, if the station is called Western Avenue and has two entrances, use the one on Western Ave. If no single entrance is an obvious, choice, then choose one on a a major, preferably two-way street that is close to the center of the station.


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