User:Qwaletee/Wazeopedia History

Wazeopedia is an upcoming project for the Waze community. It will contain the updated editing manual. Wazeopedia will support both global and local content. Wazeopedia will adopt most of the content of the existing wiki. It can be edited just like the existing wiki. However, it will have a better structure for supporting many local communities plus a set of global pages. The global pages are those that apply to all communities.

Global content is selected content that is useful for all the Waze editing communities around the world. Each community is free to adopt Wazeopedia lobal content into its own pages. This can be done in the original English, or translated.

Local content is managed community content (regional) in multiple carefully The Wazeopedia wiki site is not yet available. However, the team that is building Wazeopedia examined the pages in the existing Waze wiki. Many of those are already global in nature. We are currently editing them to the standards of the global Wazeopedia. This is a slow process, as there is a great deal of content to work on.

The existing function of those selected pages, in the past, was mostly to support the Waze United States community, and sometimes other English-speaking countries. Those pages will continue serving those communities until they are moved. At that time, the United States and other English communities will do the same as any other community - either adopt the global pages, or recreate their own versions of them.

If you have a question about the global page nomination process that applies to existing pages, pease visit this forum thread. You can pose questions there, and alert the global wiki team to any concerns you have.

The complete list of current nominated pages for global Wazeopedia is here LINK CATEGORY PAGE.