User:Rfrsw101/NYC UR MR/ History

The NYC UR Mapraid 2016 has officially ENDED. NYC UR Mapraid 2016 ran from 18 Apr 2016 0:00:00 EDT until 19 Apr 2016 23:59:00 EDT (approximately 48 hours). A job well done to all of our participants!

The NYC UR Mapraid will be 18 Apr through 19 Apr 2016. This is a self-run UR MR with the editors that have existing (and overlapping) Editing Areas in NYC. No additional areas will be requested from OrbitC (PM) and the Waze Team. The participants will focus on the 5 boroughs of NYC. This raid will be a coordinated effort across the NYC Counties of Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, New York (Manhattan), Bronx, and Richmond (Staten Island). The Raiders will consist of a combination of Local, Senior, and Out-of-State Editors. Some Northeast Champs will also be available during the raid for assistance.


Our goals are:

  1. Primary Goal: Reducing/Eliminating the "dead weight" of URs in NYC and replying with the best possible "closing" response
    1. Documenting any fixable URs in the UR Cleaning Day Spreadsheet, and the UR marked as "Solved" with the proper response
    2. Quick fixes can of course be implemented, and the UR marked as "Solved" with the proper response
    3. For Speed Limit related URs that cannot be added due to Lock Level, use the Speed Limit Request Form, and close the UR with the "Speed Limit" Response
  2. Secondary Goal: Going through the UR Cleaning Day Spreadsheet and working to fix the documented URs
  3. Tertiary Goal: Adding additional comments to URs without any initial request for information, or to URs ready for a reminder
  4. Reach Goal: After NYC is complete, and if there is enough time, we can consider moving into Long Island URs as well.
    1. Please Note: This is only a reach goal and will be limited to the editors who have editable areas in Long Island (Nassau County and Suffolk County).

Please also make basic common-sense edits as you work on the mapraid goals -- fix bad turns and other obviously wrong information on the segments you are editing, but keep focused on the mapraid goals.

Typical Responses for NYC

  1. No Reply - Close Message
  2. Speed Limit
  3. Obsolete UR Information
    1. Obsolete Closure Information
    2. Obsolete Traffic Information
    3. Obsolete Construction Information
  4. In-App Only Feature
  5. Bad GPS (Especially true in Manhattan)
  6. Parallel Snapping (True anywhere in NYC where there are 'Service Roads' (known elsewhere as 'Frontage Roads')

There are hotspots where some of these responses apply to URs. They would fall under the "cannot be solved in WME" category, and should be closed with the proper response, and marked NI, even if this will be the only comment on the UR. This becomes especially important as we head towards the Tertiary Goal - adding new comments. Don't guess -- consult with a local who is familiar with driving in certain areas where, for example, GPS errors always occur.

For Closure related URs, please consult with someone on the NYC RTC Team {Rfrsw101, jdelosa, and johnsninja58}. There is a good chance that Closure related URs came up because of events that we completely missed, ended too soon, or ended too late. These can be verified on a spreadsheet that the RTC team has access to, and those URs taken care of.


When you are editing in the raid area, please set yourself visible and enable the Live Users layer. We will use GHO Channel created for this raid.

Pre-UR Stats

To see some visual snapshots of what NYC looked like before the raid commenced, visit ShadowMasterCM's album on Google Photos here.


NYC 5 boros.png
Editor Rank Editable Area Raid Area Roles
OrbitC (PM) 6 - - GC / MR Coordinator
Qwaletee (PM) 6 - - CM
PesachZ (PM) 6 - - LC
Voludu2 (PM) 5 State Queens CM / SM
DrNeubie (PM) 5 State Manhattan SM
PhantomSoul (PM) 5 State Bronx SM
Russblau (PM) 5 Manh, Kings, Qns Manhattan SM
TheLastTaterTot (PM) 5 - - SM
Poncewattle (PM) 4 All NYC Bronx SM
ShadowMasterCM (PM) 4 State Kings SM
Bummerdude69 (PM) 4 All NYC Kings SM
Whoaitspete (PM) 4 Manh, Kings, Qns Manhattan AM
Rfrsw101 (PM) 3 All NYC Kings AM
jdelosa (PM) 3 Kings, Qns Kings AM
johnsninja58 (PM) 3 Qns, Bronx Queens AM
beachbumli247 (PM) 2 Kings, Qns Queens AM
mdswbkq (PM) 2 Manh, Kings, Bronx Bronx

Mapping Resources

Only use sources that are allowed by Waze, like Streetview from within WME. Do not use Google Maps. Do not use Google Maps Streetview.


  • UR Overview Plus (URO+) Can be used as a good filtering tool, as well as utilizing the special tags/markers such as [NOTE] [CONSTRUCTION] [CLOSURE] to highlight URs that should by no means be closed. If you notice a tagged UR that you believe is obsolete, please consult with the User who dropped the Special UR first.
    • If they are not in this Raid, which is more or less unlikely, consult one of the SR Editors first.
  • URComments (URC) Useful for seeing 'colored pills' on the map based on the time since the last comment on a UR, the number of comments, and the user/editor who last commented.
  • Keep My Layers TheLastTaterTot's KeepMyLayers (KML) Script is useful to keep your layers from being overwritten.

Important / Mapraid Guidelines

Please read the entire MapRaid wiki. This wiki will be constantly updated up until just before the MR begins with useful or important information. If you are still uncertain what to do about something you see on the map, please ask your fellow editors. Thank You for your help with the map.

Progressive UR Stats


In just 48 hours, we cleaned up 4324 URs in the Five Boroughs of NYC, a whopping 52.88% of the original amount. Nice job to all who helped out in the NYC UR MR!! Thank you all for an amazing self-run UR MR in NYC!

Stay tuned for stats from OrbitC and the Waze Team.