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This template creates a point on a page that can be linked from other pages. It works like the section headings without being displayed on the screen.


Place the following example code on a page in the spot to which you need to link:

{{Anchor|Name for the link on the page}}

Then from another page you can enter the code:

[[PageNameWithNewAnchor#Name for the link on the page]]

or if it is on the current page you can alternately use:

[[#Name for the link on the page]]

Note that both entries can also use the pipe character (|) to display alternate text to the user instead of the actual link name.


There is a minimum of one parameter that must be included in the template. Additional links can be defined as additional text parameters separated by the pipe character (|) like the following:

{{Anchor|First link name|Second link name|Third link name}}


  • Only 10 named links can be added to one anchor template.
  • Placement of the anchor template in section headings has some known side effects discussed in the Wikipedia anchor template talk page. Generally it is OK to include the anchor template at the beginning of the text in a section heading.

Page display

This template does not generate visible text in the Wiki page.

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