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Speed Limits

Speed Limit Sign

Waze users will soon be able to choose to be notified about whether they are speeding, so map editors are now adding speed limits to road segments.

All speed limits added to the map must match federal, state, and municipal laws or regulations that designate maximum speeds for passenger vehicles. These are white signs with black lettering. Advisory speed limits should not be used. Part-time speed limits should not be used.

Speed Limits Near intersections

If a speed limit sign changes the speed limit, and it is 200 feet after the intersection or closer, start the new speed limit AT the intersection.[1]

Speed Limit Sign Location

Look for speed limit signs at the beginning and end of each speed zone, and every 1/2 mile or closer, though some of these signs might be missing in rural areas. [2]

Roads Without Speed Limit Signs

If there are no posted signs, follow the PA guidelines:[3]
(1) 35 miles per hour in any urban district.
(1.2) 25 miles per hour in a residence district if the highway:
    (i) is not a numbered traffic route; and
   (ii) is functionally classified by the department as a local highway.
(2) 55 miles per hour in other locations.

Adding A speed Limit in the Middle of a Segment

When a speed limit changes in the middle of a segment, cut the segment at that point to enter the two speed limits. An example of where this has been done can be found here. If the speed limit changes within 200 feet of an existing junction, make the speed limit change at that junction.

[#Speed_Limits|cut the segment at that point]]

Speed limits we will not add

Construction Speed Limits

Do not use temporary construction zone speed limits unless it is a long term project and this should be done in consultation with State Managers.

Speed Limits that vary

If the speed limit changes depending on road conditions, time of day, or day of week, only the 'standard' speed, if any, can be added in WME.

Advisory Speed Limits

Advisory speed limits are speed limits that are not legally enforceable. Do not add them to the waze map.

Special Speed Limits

Only maximum speeds for private vehicles can be added. Do not add special speeds for other types of vehicles.

PA Speed Limit Resources

Pennsylvania Turnpike Speed Limit Map
PA Title 67
PA Title 75


  1. PA Title 67 PA Title 67, 212.108 (e) If the new speed limit begins at an intersection, the first sign should be installed within 200 feet beyond the intersection.
  2. PA Title 75 The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code (Title 75), §3362 indicates that speed limit signing must be in accordance with Department regulations to include “…posting at the beginning and end of each speed zone and at intervals not greater than one-half mile”. In addition, the installation of speed limit signing will function as a constant reminder of the roadway’s speed limit. "
  3. PA Title 7575.3362