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Area Managers Mock-up

The table below identifies the editors also designated as Area Managers or higher who are editing in Illinois. If you have any questions, please consider contacting them directly as needed. If you are an Area Manager that covers Illinois, or a USA Country Manager that does a lot of work in Illinois, please add yourself to this list (alphabetical by username) in the correct rank section.

The editor who also serves as the Regional Coordinator for Illinois is automatically listed at the top of the table. That editor may not be highly active in this state and therefore may not be listed separately in the table.

Large Area Managers (LAM) help manage large sections of the state working with the local Area Managers. You can also reach out to them for assistance. A map of the areas they coordinate is below.

Interested in becoming an Illinois Area Manager or think you qualify for a promotion? Talk to a State Manager. Then, speak to a Regional Coordinator and fill out an area manager application.