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== Map Editing Best Practices ==
== Map Editing Best Practices ==

=== Road Classification ===
=== Klasifikasi Jalan Raya ===
*[[Road Classification (MY)|Garis Panduan]]
*[[Klasifikasi Jalan Raya (MY-MS)|Garis Panduan]]

=== Locking Level for Segments  ===  
=== Locking Level for Segments  ===  

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Translating from English to Bahasa (Malay) for Waze Malaysia.

Selamat Datang ke Waze Malaysia!

Malaysia adalah salah satu daripada beberapa negara yang telah diberikan pengurusan diri dari Waze HQ . Wiki ini mengandungi maklumat khusus negara melengkapi apa-apa maklumat generik boleh didapati, seperti yang dipersetujui dalam konsensus oleh Editor Waze Malaysia.

Map Editing Best Practices

Klasifikasi Jalan Raya

Locking Level for Segments

Map Editing Resources for Malaysia

Malaysian editors are encouraged to follow these guidelines, which may differ from the generic guides.

Roads & Cities Resources

Road & Cities Resources

Area Managers

Kindly read the generic information about the roles of an Area Manager here, country-specific sub-topics are as listed below.

Progress Tracking

Wazer Communities in Malaysia

Join our Malaysian Wazers including our guild of editors in one or all of the communities listed below.

  • Waze in Malaysia Google+ Community - Higher level editors often discuss here because G+ handles group discussions better than Facebook groups.
  • Waze in Malaysia Facebook Group - Where the majority of our simple Wazers and editors hang out. Very active group, hence the Group wall may look a bit cluttered.
  • WazeBORNEO Facebook Group - This groups is a specially dedicaterd for Wazers in Borneo (State of Sarawak & Sabah and country of BRUNEI)
  • Waze Malaysia Official Forum - Official just because it's on the Waze server. May give you extra points for posting there, but may not have a speedy reply if everyone else is either on G+ or FB. There's no stopping you to join other Waze forums in the entire buletin board, though. We just use forums for direct official communication with Wazers from the Rest of the World.