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Left Pane

At the left side of the window is an informational and functional area. Depending on whether an object is selected, the type and number of object(s), divers types of information and/or functions will be available.

Left Pane with No object selected

When no object is selected the left pane contains user related information and settings. Map Problems and Update Requests are no map objects, the left pane will remain visible if one is selected. This pane consists of 5 elements.

1. Editor information
Left pane - Editor Information.jpg

This contains your Waze name, map editing permission level and current points and counters for you points and edits. The numbers on this page are listed for the server on which you are editing (North America or World).

2. Drives Tab

Drives are journeys or routes that you have driven with the Waze client running. While you drive, Waze monitors your journey (recording details like location, time, speed) and transfers this information to the Servers. This data is used to validate the existing map (roads, turns, directions) and to learn average journey times. Other Waze users and Area Managers can also view the anonymous GPS tracks of many users when editing the map in the Waze Map Editor. This helps with map accuracy.


Clicking on one of the five visible entries will center the map along that route and will zoom out to try and fit your entire route on the screen. Routes over about 20 miles / 30 kilometers will usually not fit on the map display all at once due to scale limitations. Use the mouse or arrow keys to pan around on the map. Parts of the route that display in red are not currently paved roads. Consider zooming into that area to determine if a road should be added.

Select the highlighted numbers at the bottom of the tab window to select older routes in date order.

Drives are typically processed and available for viewing in the Waze Map Editor within an hour of completing the drive. For most short drives such as commutes between home and work (under about 35 miles / 50 kilometers), you will likely find them in the editor in under 15 minutes. If the servers are bogged down, or if your drive is significantly longer (over 100 miles / 150 kilometers), these drives may take up to a week to appear. If you don't see your drive after seven (7) days, open a ticket from the Support page, Quick Help box. Use the Email link and fill out the form and submit.

Areas Tab

This shows the entire editable area -- the area in which you can perform edits. Click on your editable area. The view will be centered on the editable area. If your editable area is spread out, in several sections, it may be centered between areas you can edit.

Settings Tab
Just tabs settings.png

This feature was added as of January 2015

To access user-preference settings in WME, click the "Settings" tab in the left pane. Options include:

  • Draw new roads as two-way - determines whether any new road segments you draw start as two-way or one-way
  • Draw new roads with all turns allowed - when new roads are drawn with a connection to a junction, the junction can have all "turns" to or from the new segment allowed or disallowed
  • Select only on empty selection - affects editor behavior when you select an object (road segment, junction, or place) when there is already an object(s) selected
    • If not checked, then clicking on an object will automatically deselect any other objects already selected. This may cause accidental deselection
    • If checked, you are prevented from selecting a new object if there anything is already selected. Note that multi-select mode allows you to select additional segments when segment(s) are already selected; use the ctrl key for momentary multi-select, or press the M keyboard shortcut to toggle multi-select mode on/off. Also note that clicking an empty spot can still cause deselection.
  • Enable fullscreen mode - when checked, more screen space is given to the map (removes the menu header from the top of the page). Keyboard shortcut Shift+F toggles this setting.
  • Units - Choose between Imperial (feet/miles) or Metric (meters/kilometers)

Left Pane with segment(s) selected

Wme segments selected editmode.jpg

The area above the tabs will show how many segments are selected. The example graphic to the right shows what the Tabs Area looks like when multiple segments are selected and the General tab is in "Edit mode."

Details on these tab settings can be found under Road Properties

General Tab

The General tab displays the segment name and alternate names details at the top. Just below that information is an Edit button. More info on that below. On this tab, you can modify the road type, toll road checkbox, direction, elevation, and lock. Further down past a separator line are more general details about the segment(s) which is/are selected.

Segment Edit Detail

When you click on the Edit button, or tap shortcut key E, the General tab changes, displaying more detail information and allows you to make changes to the country, state (only in some countries), city and segment name. Next is where you can add or remove any alternate street name information. An alternate name, technically referred to as a "linked street," is used to capture detail such as the state or country wide route name of a street as it goes through an urban area where it is commonly referred to with a local name. The local name would be put into the primary name field, but the highway name can be entered as an alternate name. An alternate name street must also have the same city as the primary segment.

Be sure to review the naming convention used in your area before changing names.

If you run into an extreme case where you need to rename the city name on a large number of streets. Review the article Smudged city. The end of the article includes a link to a special form for converting a mass number of segments using the help of Waze staff in the database.

Select Entire Street
Segment selected.jpg

When you click the button titled "Select Entire Street," or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A the editor will select all segments connected to the current segment with the same name, city, state, and country information. It will also select some segments outside the current visible area.

Edit House Numbers

When you click the button titled Edit House Numbers, or use the keyboard shortcut H, WME enters the House Number editing interface.


  • The Edit House Numbers button appears when there is only one segment selected.
  • The Edit House Numbers button isn't available to click when there are changes which need to be saved. The message, "Save your changes to edit house numbers" appears below the button.
Add Restrictions

When you click the button titled Add restrictions, or use the keyboard shortcut T, WME enters the Scheduled Restrictions editing interface


  • The Add restrictions button appears when there is one or more segments selected.
  • If there are restrictions which already exist on any selected segment, the button name changes to Edit restrictions.

Left Pane when a Camera is selected

Wme camera tab speedcam.png

When a camera is selected, there is a single General tab which allows you to set the alert speed for a Speed Camera, and also to approve the camera once it is placed in the correct location. Red Light Cameras only need to be placed and approved and have no speed set.

Left Pane when a Place is selected

With a Place selected, there are three tabs: General, More Info and Photos. Under the General tab, you set the Place category(ies), give it a name, a description, and a checkbox to lock the place to prevent changes by lower ranking editors, whether it is a Private or Public Place, the full address details, and open hours. Below that is an address details section which displays the Place's assigned Country, State (in the US) and City. Click the Edit button to change any values and click Apply when complete:
Wme landmark tab.png Wme landmark address details.png

Setting the proper address details will allow Waze to utilize their own internal search for landmarks which appear only in Waze and not in other search provider results.

Left Pane when a Gas Station is selected

Wme place gas station details.png

When a gas or petrol station Place is selected, the General tab is very similar to that of all Places. When Gas Station is set as the primary Category (first), then there is an additional drop-down menu to select the Brand of gas sold at this station.

For the Waze application to be as useful as possible to drivers, it is important to ensure all fields of information are fully and properly completed.