Getting Started With Transifex View history

1. Login to Transifex Dashboard with your username and password

2. Choose your Project from the Dashboard

a. Find Waze Project (top left of your dashboard)

b. Select either Waze App Translation, or Waze Web Translations

c. Click on the project that you'd like to begin translating

3. Click on resource and choose one

4. choose your language

a. Select your language to see Project resources in that language

b. Any resource not 100% complete has strings which need translation.

c. The blue bar let's you know how much has been done. The right bar tells you know how many strings have been reviewed.

5. Start Translating

Click on the blue \ green progress bar and choose Translate.

6. Translating in the Web Editor

To view all of the untranslated strings click on 'untranslated', on the right side of the screen.

7. Check and save your work

Make sure to get inbox notifications when there are new strings to translate!

To do this follow steps 1 and 2 and look at the little eye icon that says 'Click to start watching project' at the top of the "Translate" button.