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MapRaid is a time-limited event during which map editors join together to resolve MP’s, UR’s, add & update “Places”, fix connectivity problems, add missing roads, and add/edit speed limit data in a pre-determined area of the map.

MapRaids provide improvements to the editor itself - resulting in better search, routing and navigation. Other benefits include increased communication between a community and its manager at Waze HQ, and a focused mentoring platform.

How to request a MapRaid?

A global or local Champ can initiate a MapRaid in a certain area of their country. If another member of the community wishes to get a MapRaid started, they need to let one of their community's Champs know about it. The Champ helps find a few mappers to participate, decide on a period of time for the raid, and inform their Waze HQ Community Manager about it by filling out the MapRaid Request Form.

Step 1 - Identify an area in need

A MapRaid can take place in a major city, a specific section of a major city or even a more rural area that not many Wazers are active. If you don’t have a specific area, contact your local community through the Community Forums and suggestions can be made.

Step 2 - Get the community involved

If you are not a Waze champ, contact your local champ to get things started. If you are a Waze Champ, begin by identifying people in your community who will want to raid with you.

It is suggested to have a users involve who span a range of editing levels. The high level editors can ensure the maps are being raided correctly and offer mentorship. Less experienced editors have a chance to gain knowledge and get to know the local community.

Step 3 - Contact Waze

As a local champ, you will contact Waze by submitting the MapRaid Request Form and share the following information which you have prepared, including Location, Dates and Editors involved.

If you have questions about MapRaids you can find more information in the Wazeopedia, or you can contact your local community leadership or Waze Community Specialist.

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