Toll Roads History

Toll Roads Feature


Local feature that allows Wazers to avoid being routed to roads with tolls.

The Toll Roads feature is activated on a per-country basis, once all of the country’s toll roads are mapped in the Waze Map Editor (WME).

Find a complete list of countries with the Toll Road feature open here.

2.Activating the Toll Road feature in your country

  • Make sure all toll roads are mapped in the WME (Waze map editor)
  • Email your Community Manager to let them know we are ready to go.

3.Using the Toll Road feature

Wazers have the ability to toggle the “Avoid Toll Roads” option in the Navigation menu.

  • Go to Settings - Navigation and check (or uncheck) the option to avoid toll roads.
Wazer to wazer localization 6.png

4.Additing toll roads to the WME

In the MWE roads with tolls can be indicated by checking the Toll Road box on the General tab.

Wazer to wazer- localization 7.png

Note: Mark a segment as a toll road only if there is a toll booth, transporter reader, or other tolling device within, or at either end of the segment.

5.Toll Road feature statues per country

It can be seen here.