Waze Recording Guidelines History

Wazer to wazer-localization-voices-voice prompts-waze recording guidelines.png

Share these guidelines with recording studio prior to your session

Confirm that these guidelines can be met by the studio

Provide a printed copy for the audio engineer on the day of the session

Average recording time: 1 - 2 hours

Average Post-production : 0.5-1 hour

1.Recording checklist

  • No or Minimal background noise. If done in a non-treated room, consider turning off the AC or other equipment.
  • Prompts must be recorded in stereo.
  • Headroom check: set sound levels to peak at ~-6dB from clipping.

Recording will be done as mp3, 24bit@96Khz - Stereo


  • Mastering Quality Level: 0 dB full scale.
  • Use ultramaximizer (Waves L1/2/3, etc…), set the headroom to -0.2 to 0dB, add 5 to 6dB. Do not over-compress.
  • Consider applying subtle noise reduction plugin, if necessary.
  • No long pauses at beginning or end of recording.
  • Files should be exported as mp3.

Do not use any effects such as Reverb, Flanger, Chorus, Delay, etc., unless specifically requested.

3.Recording steps

  1. Record all Mandatory Voice Prompts first (only in your language > each tab is a different one)
  2. Record all prompts (Km, Miles, Meters, Yards, Feet), prompts available worldwide.
  3. Export as separate files.
  4. Name each file exactly as listed in Column A, 'Save As File Name.’
    • File names are case sensitive.
  5. For multiple versions of the same prompt, add a 1, 2, 3, etc. to the end of the file name.
  6. Place all files in one folder (separate from the Mandatory Folder). Name the folder: {language name} + {voice name} + Mandatory
  7. Zip the folder and send it to Waze-voices@google.com.