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This is a documentation subpage for Modèle:@.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original modèle page.

This template provide any easy way to add a link icon to each section (but can also be used to anything else) providing an URL to this section.

The purpose of this template is to provide an easy way to redirect a user directly to the right section in the right page. This is particularly useful in mentoring activities, when the mentor want to provide a link to a section dealing with the concept he's talking about with its mentee on WME Chat or in the Forum. Once he has identified the wiki section which is relevant, he just have to copy the link location (URL) of the small Link.png icon and paste it in the forum or in the Chat.


{{@|Title of the Section}} will produce:   Title of the Section link to this section

so concretely, a classic wikicode for a section like below
===== Title of the Section =====
should be modified as below
===== {{@|Title of the Section}} =====
to produce the following result :

Title of the Section link to this section

Extended Usage

This template allows to add a Edit.png link icon in front of the section, that can open for edition another page than the one currently displayed. Use |edit= parameter to enable this.

This feature is useful when the displayed section is transcluded from another page, typically a subpage, and you want to bring the user to this subpage for content edition rather than editing the transclusion syntax in the current page itself.

===== {{@|Title of the Section|edit=link to the subpage to edit}} =====
will produce :

Title of the Section link to this section 

Be aware : to make sense, this feature should be used on wiki page that have enable the __NOEDITSECTION__ tag, in order to not have this edit icon and the legacy

  link side by side.


Duplicate anchor

The template will automatically create an Anchor (same behaviour than the {{Anchor}} template without the link icon) with the section title as Anchor Identifier. Thus, if your wiki page contains several sections with the same title, all will have the same Anchor identifier, which will result in a incorrect redirection when using the copied URL link.

In order to workaround this, a optional second parameter has been added to the template, allowing to specify an alternative Anchor ID. The syntax is the following :

{{@|Title of the Section|Alternate Anchor ID}} producing:   Title of the section link to this section

the only difference with the basic syntax is the URL provided by the link icon.

Collapsible section

When using this template in conjunction with the Collapsible section feature, if the section is collapsed by default, then the URL link won't manage to bring the user to this expected section (as this section is not displayed).

The best practice is to avoid to use this {{@}} template on titles that belong to the collapsed portion of the text, except if the defaut behavior is to display the page with this portion expanded (use of the |expand=yes parameter in {{Collapsible section top|expand=yes}})