Abbreviazioni ed acronimi in uso History

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Questa tabella è in perenne aggiornamento. Per richiedere inserimento di un'abbreviazione o di una traduzione mancanti inviate un PM a RickyPV89 cliccando qui.

Abbreviazione per esteso eventuale traduzione
AM Area Manager
ASC Average Speed Camera Telecamera per controllo della velocità media (Tutor et similia)
ASR Automatic Speech Recognition Riconoscimento vocale automatico
BC Best Continuation
CAR Community Action Request
CC Centercode
CCP Connected Citizens Program
CM Country Manager
CO Coordinator
CSE Campo Scuola Editing
DM District Manager
DPM Detour Prevention Mechanism Sistema di prevenzione dei detour
EP Entry Point (di un place)
FTW Feed The Waze
FW Freeway
GC Global Champ
HN House Number
HOV High Occupancy Vehicle
IL Israel Server
JAI Junction Angle Info (script)
JB Junction Box
LC Local Champ
MC Map Comment
MEP Multiple Entry Points (di un place)
MH Major Highway
mH Minor Highway
MP Map Problems
MTE Major Traffic Event
MU Map Update
NA North America Server
NS Narrow Street
OTTS Override Text-to-Speech Forzatura del Text-to-Speech
PB Pedestrian Boardwalk
PL Permalink
PLR Parking Lot Road
PM Private Message (forum)
POI Point of Interest (cfr. Place)
PR Private Road
PUR Place Update Request
RA Roundabout
RBS Routing Beta Server
ROW - ROTW Rest of the World Server
RPP Residential Point Place
RR Railroad
RTC Real-Time Closure
RW Railway
SCM Staff Community Manager
SL Speed Limit
SLUR Speed Limit Update Request
SM State Manager
SV Street View
TB Toolbox (script)
TBR Time-Based Restriction Restrizioni in funzione dell'orario
TIO (soon...) Turn Instruction Override (soon...) Forzatura delle istruzioni di svolta (soon...)
TTS Text-to-Speech Sintesi vocale
TW Taxiway
TX Transifex
UR Update Request
UREQ Unlock Request Manager
URO - URO+ UR Overview (script)
WME Waze Map Editor
WOP Wazeopedia
WT Walking Trail