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All the road types and places have a default lock level.

Depending on the importance of a road, it will be used by more Wazers, an error in editing will be more painfull and routing could start doing some really weird things. To prevent these unwanted situations, some of the most important roads are locked on a certain level, in the Waze Map Editor.


  • If your own level isn't high enough, you can lock on your max level, and/or you can ask for help.
  • If the aerials or Streetview deviates from the real situation, it is OK to lock 1 level higher, as a special notice.
  • Complex situations can be secured by a higher level-lock. For instance LARGAS.
  • Segments subject of roadworks can be locked 1 level higher, as a special notice.
  • Segments with a time-based restriction, should be locked on level 3.

If an object is locked on a higher level than the default level, it is often for some good reason: ask the editor who did the last changes on the object before modify this object.

The lock level corresponds with the editor level. Editor can modify things upto their own editor level. If you want to edit a segment which is locked higher than your level, you can request an unlock via the #editing Slack channel of the country. When requesting an unlock, report the City, current level and the reason for the request and a Permalink to the subjected segments you want to have unlocked.

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