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Things a starting Waze-editor can do

  • Read the Quick start guide and then look at the [[ Starters Summary]].
  • Check if streetnames are filled in and spelled correctly. Use sources, that we are allowed to use, to check.
  • Check if the city is filled in correctly.
  • Check the driving direction of streets. You can base this on Google Streetview , your own local knowledge or other sources. When the source is older than the last edit on the segment, assume that Waze is more up-to-date than your other source and don't change it.
  • Check if Junction Arrows are set correctly. With Shift-Z you will see all the red arrows. When you suspect a red junction arrow to be incorrect, first do Shift-Z again and select the segment connected to the junction. That way you can see which segment has the red junction arrow.
  • Check the category, name and address of places . The name should be the official name of the place. If you know this place is called most of the times different, please add that name as a alternative name. That way the search will improve. Also check if this place is vissible on the live map, if not, please convert it to a point place, when applicable.
  • Inform your area or region manager of possible issues. See the section Communication how to do that.
  • Monitor road-closures in your neighboorhood, see our Closures page on how to report them.