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Text to speech

Text to speech (TTS) refers to navigation instructions spoken to the driver by the Waze application.
With the turn instructions override the standard spoken instruction can be altered.


To get the required TTS for Rampsː

  • In Belgium and Luxemburg, the greater than sign > is used, which stands for direction.
  • In the Netherlands, use ri, which stands for the Dutch richting.


Direction Lelystad / Amsterdam. On the sign also Nagelerweg is mentioned.

Mention as destinations after the > and ri or afrit/sortie in the first place the names that are shown in white on blue. Use a destination that is presented in black on white only in exceptional cases or if the sign only contains black on white destinations. Same applies to the brown touristic signs.


If along the highway directions are given for straight-on, the Junction Arrow voice prompt should be set to "Continue".


Roundabouts have their own set of instructionsː For a standard roundabout (4 exits) the instruction is Turn left at the roundabout. For other roundabouts the instruction will be like Take the third exit at the roundabout.

Street names

Remark on street names see the Street and City names pages.