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WME LaneTools Dev

WME LaneTools Dev is a script that adds highlights and tools to WME to supplement the lanes feature.
This script will highlight segments and nodes based on the following:


  • Each half of a segment will be highlighted if there are lanes associated with it
  • A label will appear in the middle of the segment displaying the # of lanes in each direction


  • Nodes with turns associated with them that include lanes will be highlighted
  • Nodes with TIO's associated with them will be highlighted inside the node turn highlight


  • When a segment is selected the lanes tab will auto open
  • The edit lanes panels will auto open when the lanes tab opens
  • The first editable lane # input will be focused
  • Adds label to the lane edit boxes to clarify direction
  • Adds buttons to delete lanes in either direction (R5+ and CM)

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