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Closures bot


The Waze Closures Bot publishes closure data, reported via the app in the Slack BeNeLux Closure channels. Editors can easily use this data for modifying and implementing closures. The bot is developed by WimVandierendonck.

Editors who are picking up these closure reports should check their validity before implementing them. The Ranking of the reporter can be helpfull. This ranking is based on the reporting Wazer's past closure reliability, which is based on the success of past closure reports. Only closures reported by Wazers with a minimum ranking show up on the Live map.

  • Ranking 1-10 - Wazer's reliability, displayed between {brackets}.
  • Rating 1-5 - based on the interaction of users with the closure.
  • Severity 1-5 - based on a combination of road type, amount of traffic and the importance of the road.
  • Repeat count: number of times the same closure is reported in the last 7 days.

Only reported closures with ranking 5+ are displayed on the Live map.


Slack closure reports may contain a helpfull link to the Weg status site.

After processing a bot closure report the editor should add a reply to show what has been done with the report, f.i. via an icon like C2.png (:c2) or Wme-trash.png (:wme-trash).

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