Narrow Street History

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Narrow Street

 Narrow street 

For now - don't use this roadtype.

Road type introduced April 2018, When talking about road type narrow street (formerly Alley), we mean very narrow streets that are drive-able, but hard to access by car. It's the kind of roads that are so narrow, you'd rather not get a route through when driving, unless it is significantly faster. However, as a motorcycle, alleys are convenient for navigation. We'd expect to find relatively low segment speeds on narrow streets already, due to the physical characteristics of the street.

  • Narrow streets will have a routing penalty for cars and taxis, not for motorcycles.
  • For now, Narrow streets can't have House numbers.
  • Navigation penalty 10 minutes.

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Street City Lock

Fictional naming example:

  • Kleine Molsteeg, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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