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What can you do

Are you interested in what you can do for the Waze Community?

Our map is pretty complete, but cities, roads, the countryside are all constantly changing. You're most valuable with your local knowledge. You can help us to keep the Waze map up-to-date.

Are there road works planned in your neighborhood?
New housing estates?
New roads planned?
Changes in one-way / two-way traffic?
Sometimes data is still missing or not accurate anymore: speed limits, house numbers.

Are there points of interest in your neighborhood that could be interesting for Wazers as a destination like a gas station, parking, hospital, school and so on. Check if they are already created on the map and if not there is something to do.

If you're new and like to help us keep the map up-to-date please check out our Quick start guide, don't forget to read Improve your skills and while editing the map: keep our KISS principles in mind!

Sign in to Slack, our primary communication channel via this Slack invite page. When you've got questions, don't hesitate to ask them. There are always experienced editors ready to answer your questions. Also reading other peoples questions and answers on the Slack channels can be informative.

A schematic overview of the possibilities for beginners see the Starters Summary.