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Starters Summary

You're new to Waze map editting and like to help. Great, you're most valuable with your local knowledge! This page lists the possibilities for a starting map editor (level 1). But - very important - please read first the Quick start guide and keep the KISS principles in mind, otherwise you could end up by other editors correcting your work.

Beginners are not allowed to do all changes, more important roads and other map elements are locked on certain levels to protect the map for unwanted changes. More on locks, see the Locks page. If you want to change an explicitly locked road or place, place ask in the Slack editing channel for assistance. There are always people glad to help. Example of a starters limit: f.i. a maximum of 30 street names per day may be changed by a L1.

When working in the Waze Map Editor (WME) please keep all options checked to be sure you don't miss anything. Click . And keep an eye on Slack so other editors can reach you.

Are wondering about all these abbreviations? Check the Abbreviations used in Waze page.