Gas Stations History

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Gas Stations aka Petrol Pumps

The Gas Stations feature in the Waze app is active in Pakistan. Prices can only be updated by users in the app. You must be within a radius of 0.3 miles/500 meters and above the rank of a baby Wazer to update gas prices.


Gas stations (a.k.a Petrol pumps in Pakistan), including CNG stations, should be marked according to the following guidelines:

  • A "Gas Station" is drawn as an Area Place. To make them visible on the map in the app.
  • The area is drawn over the entire forecourt, so it is visible on the map. The fence line should include the entrance, parking lots, toilets, stores within the premises that are part of the gas station, but should not cross the road or neighbouring buildings.
  • Routes in and out should be mapped with type "Parking Lot Road". All segments should have appropriate directions and junction arrows with U-Turns enabled and locked to L2
  • Adding an stop point on a gas stations parking lot road can enhance routing, especially when the gas station was an added stop to the final destination.
  • The correct brand of fuel should be selected.
  • The primary name field for branded gas stations must always include at least the brand affiliation. The name will display on the map and will help confirm that a fuel destination chosen via the gas-station finder matches the selected brand. If the brand name of the gas station is not clear, set the name to Petrol Pump.
  • The Alternate names should be set as found in the table below. The franchise name for the station, e.g. "RAVI SERVICE CENTER". can also be added as an alternate name.
  • Street name and City should be added. If known add info on the other tabs, like website, phone number, opening and closing times.
  • Lock gas station at least Level 2 to prevent loss of data. Gas stations on major highways need to be locked at Level 3 or above. Ask a higher level editor for help if it is above your level (in the Slack #request channel or the Pakistan Forum unlock request topic).

You may add any store that exists at the gas station, like “Hasmart” in the Alternate Name field and add the "CONVENIENCE STORE" Category. If the store has different opening times, you may also add them as a separate Point Place. Additionally if you can verify the gas station has a repair shop or car wash add the "GARAGE / AUTOMOTIVE SHOP" or "CAR WASH" categories.

If adding additional categories, the "GAS STATION" or "Petrol Station" category* must be the first one listed.

*Depending on which version of English you have selected the category will be shown as Gas Station or Petrol Station.

Gas Station Brands

Brand Name Alt Name Alt Name Website
Admore [is now Puma Energy]
Askar 1 Askar 1 Askar 1 Petrol Pump
Attock Attock Attock Petrol Pump
Be Energy Be Energy Be Petrol Pump
Byco Byco Byco Petrol Pump
Caltex Caltex
Gas & Oil Pakistan LTD Go Go Petrol Pump
Hacsol Hascol
LaGuardia LaGuardia
Pakistan State Oil PSO PSO Petrol Pump
Puma Energy Puma
Shell Shell
Taj Petroleum Taj Franchised to PSO Franchised to Shell [1]
Target Target
Total Parco Total Parco Total Total Petrol Pump
Zoom Zoom Zoom Petroleum Zoom Petrol Pump

* "https://www." is not required in the website field of the gas station place in WME