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General details about the Mentoring program, resources, and Informal Mentoring alternatives, can be found on the Mentoring page.

Formal Mentoring is designed to provide personal individualized attention between the Mentor(s) and Mentee(s). It provides an accelerated pathway for editors to advance their skills, ranks roles, and/or community involvement.

Formal Mentoring is conducted by a Waze-approved group of Mentors.


  • A controlled personalized interaction geared to educate a mentee on particular Waze editing skills.
  • Must come to a formal agreement to start the mentorship, after careful selection of partners.
  • Only Waze can approve formal mentors.
  • Provided education is more predictable and controlled with high certainty for a positive outcome.
  • Goal oriented: intended to improve a particular mentee skill, not a particular feature on the map.
  • Repeated interaction, in a defined range of time on a specific range of topics, to improve a particular skill.
  • Helps ensure quality map edits over time as editors advance in rank.
  • Expectation is to upgrade the mentee skills, allowing the mentee to rise in rank or at least close the gap toward a rise in rank. At mentor discretion, mentee may receive a (temporary) rank change to facilitate the mentorship.

Some additional information and discussion are held in the Formal Mentoring Forum

Become a Mentor or Mentee

Supporting countries

Formal mentoring is only available in some countries, under the direction of a local or global Waze Champ responsible for mentoring in that region.

The following countries have implemented this program. For details of how it works in your country, and whether it has been implemented there yet, find your country in the list below.

Formal Mentoring Managers

Those editors responsible for supporting, developing, and growing the Formal Mentoring program are listed here. Contact them if you have ideas, issues, or questions about the program.

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