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This information is obsolete and the active links to this page have been reviewed for disconnection or replacement. More current alternate information is likely available and should be followed rather than this information.

Obsolete scripts

WME Add-Ons

by gdu1971

  • WME Add-Ons and its predecessor WME Extended Tools are no longer supported.
  • The major features have been incorporated into WME Toolbox (2013-11-07).

More information

(Script) WME Add-Ons forum thread

LiveMap Navigation List

by Timbones

  • This script no longer works. The navigation list is incorporated into the new Livemap.
  • Get the WME Route Tester script instead!

This plugin/extension works with the Waze LiveMap only. After installing, create a route in the LiveMap by clicking on the origin and destination. Once the LiveMap requests the route, the left side panel area will switch from the current events scrolling list, to a navigation list of the route. Multiple routes are displayed. Each turn is clickable to zoom the map to that location.

DOWNLOAD LiveMap Navigation List

More information

LiveMap Navigation List forum thread

Select Roundabout Segments (SRS)

by Twister-UK

  • This standalone script is unsupported. The functionality is incorporated into URO+.

This script adds a "Select roundabout" button to the segment edit panel if you select a single segment from a roundabout. Clicking the button then automatically selects the entire roundabout. Note that if the entire roundabout doesn't get selected, it probably means the roundabout itself is broken.

DOWNLOAD Select Roundabout Segments

More information

Select Roundabout Segments forum thread

Drives Tab Enhancer (DTE)

by Twister-UK

  • This standalone script no longer works. The functionality is incorporated into URO+.

This script modifies the Drives tab in the left-hand panel to show more drives per sub-page (up to the WME limit of 50/page), and also to inform the user which of their drives are available to view on the map as a route trail - whilst Waze stores the drive summaries (date, distance etc) for seemingly every drive a user has ever made, it only stores the actual route data for the most recent drives.

DOWNLOAD Drives Tab Enhancer

More information

Drives Tab Enhancer forum thread

WME Permalink+ (WP+)

by berestovskyy

  • WME Permalink is no longer supported (2014-02-07).

This script improves permalink in Waze Map Editor:

  • W - permalink to non-beta version of Waze Map Editor with default set of layers, i.e. a permalink to share.
  • L - permalink to Waze Livemap.
  • + - paste a permalink from another window to position your current window to the same location.

For instance, you can paste a non-beta permalink to position your WME beta window.

Before downloading a new version, uninstall or disable all previous versions of this script.


More information (including latest version info)

WME Permalink+ forum thread

WME Tools

by berestovskyy

This extension was the precursor to the current WME Validator and is no longer maintained or supported.

More information (including latest version info)

WME Tools forum thread