User:BC21620/Engaging New Editors History

Useful links and steps to engage new editors

·        Search ""enter username here"

·        Attempt message through page above

o  If “user_id does not exists “ returns on attempt to message

§ User may be to new to be set in system yet – wait a day or two

o  If able to create message to welcome and send link to Discord (see next)

o  Add new editor username to MAR New Editor Contact Google form


§ Follow up in Google form if user responds/joins Discord, etc.

·        In the first contact welcome user and offer assistance/encouragement and make sure they have critical editing info

o  Link to Home Page for Wazeopedia pointing out links for individual regions/states & value as a source for information on working within Waze


o  Point out local state page for additional state rules

§ e.g

o  The “starting point” for all new editors


o  An invitation to join Discord in area they are editing

§ MAR-  

§ NOR- Right click “Waze NOR Editors” and select invite to get link good for 7 days