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Rank Progression

R3 8/2016

R4 9/2017

R5 10/2018

Role Progression

AM 6/2016 (?)

State wide AM 4/2017

State Manager 9/2017

NOR Multi-State Manger 5/2020

US Country Manager 2/2022

Community Involvement

PA Social Media (@WazePennsylvania)

PA SL Mapraid 3/2016

MA SL Mapraid 4/2016

Vermont SL Mapraid 7/2016

India Mapraid 1/2017

WV Mapraid 4/2017

PA Basemap Mapraid 9/2017

China Mapraid 10/2017

Russia Mapraid 2/2018

WV Mapraid 4/2018

SC Mapraid 7/2018

TX Mapraid 10/2018

2017 & 2018 NOR Meetup attendee

AL/FL mapraid 10/2019

ME Mapraid 05/2020

Falcon Mapraid 01/2021

IA/KS mapraid 8/2021

2021 NE[O]R Meetup virtual attendee

WME Mentor

2022 US Virtual Mega Meetup

2023 US Mega Meetup

Current Projects

Pennsylvania Township (completed) & CDP naming harmonization

Pennsylvania is relatively unique in that all area within the state is part of a county subdivision (township, borough or city). Unfortunately, with 67 counties and roughly 2500 townships that created many duplicate names. This resulted in many cities having extraneous numbers appended or some named "Greater XXX Area". Working with other state managers and local CMs. We identified all the incorporated areas that were duplicates and developed a naming system to follow. This provided benefit to end users by provided better search results while resolving city smudges that had existed for many years. This was completed in late 2019

The second phase of the project is to review all existing CDPs in the state and determine which should be included in the Waze map. Due to census bureau changes and attrition, some of the current CDPs that exist on the map are no longer used to any real degree by local residents. Unfortunately this requires subjective decision making as to what to retain and what to omit. This project is ongoing but has been temporarily paused due to new feature releases within WME and the client that take higher priority.

Turn Instruction & Shielding

General updating of turn instructions on highways and ramps in accordance with national guidance.

DOT Cameras (userscript)

Script allows for a popup to display cameras provided by various departments across the country within the editor. Project is being co-developed with DE SM Phuz

DOT Advisories (userscript)

Script allows for a popup to display closure reports provided by various departments across the country. Project is being co-developed with DE SM Phuz


discord bot to relay messages for DOTs within the Northeast Region with relevant details regarding closures and when roads reopen. co-development with DE SM Phuz

WME Closure Bot

discord bot to relay in-app closures and closure comments to appropriate channels for handling of local editors. Current scope is global but additional territories are on hold until code refactor. co-development with Phuz

GIS-Layers updating

update details for ArcGIS Map servers for use in the GIS-Layers script provided by MapOMatic

PA Turnpike Tolling

update PA Turnpike tolls when appropriate within the Waze provided Toll Tool