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Places Locking Standard

Lock at 3: any place that has at least a correct category, correct name, and correct address with house number.

If you cannot lock high enough because of rank, lock as high as you can, and get help from a higher-ranked editor to lock properly. You can keep a personal list of Permalinks to share with the other editor.


A place that has the name, address, phone number and website in it. All efforts should be made to gather hours and services as well. But as those can be extremely time consuming in some cases, they aren't as important. If an establishment doesn't have a website, then of course omit it.

Why R3?

Most of you have heard of IGN editors. For those that haven't they are a company Waze hires to come in and deal with the overload of place updates we see. For the most part we do a good enough job that they don't come around as often as they used to. That and Waze has told them to only touch major cities or ones past a certain age. IGN is notorious for rubber stamp approving everything. They don't worry about correct spelling, name, location, etc. Nor are they concerned about overwriting data on an already approved place.

For the most part IGN are R2. There are a couple R3 running around, but the majority are R2. So I have been locking place to R3 to much avail. The quality of places in the test areas that are monitored have much less place quality degradation. There are more PUR's that we see, but that gives us a better chance at filtering out the poor edits.

Any editors below R3 can still make edits and get credit for the edits once they are approved by a R3 or above. But for the most part, once a place is "completed" there usually isn't much updating to happen unless the establishment changes.

Almost everyone is active in a hangout locally where they can get uplock assistance if they aren't a R3, but they can also use the unlock/update forum for uplocks as well as unlocks.