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TheMet4lGod is a resident of NC and currently an Area Manager for all of North Carolina. A quality engineer by day and a website admin by night. Hobbyist video game journalist.

Waze Activities

Notable Milestones/Achievements

All notable milestones and achievements are listed in descending order by date in the table below.

Date Milestone
2023-08-28 Joined the VEOC group to assist in crises
2023-07-25 Area Manager territory expanded to cover all of NC
2023-02-20 Promotion to Level 4
2023-01-20 Area Manager territory expanded to the NC Triad, Charlotte and Western NC
2022-01-05 Became Area Manager for part of Western NC
2022-01-01 Promotion to Level 3
2021-05-04 Joined Waze Map Editing


Project Name Project Dates Project Information Stats
NC Basemap Elimination
Clean up the Waze map for North Carolina by removing all remaining issues left from the Basemap import. These issues included Soft Turns and Unknown Directions. As part of this project, segments were merged or deleted based on current imaging data and to be compliance with national guidance. Worked in conjunction with elijahpruitt and NC State Managers.
EV PUR Implementation
Process newly imported PURs to revamp the system for EV Charging Stations for the rollout of new services in the Waze app. PURs Worked: 107

Map Raids

Map Raid Dates Map Raid Name
2023-09-27 - 2023-10 Sudan 2023
2022 Pakistan 2022

Draft Documents

  1. NC Special Roads Section
  2. NC To-Do List Section


  • Video Games
  • Running a website
  • Sport Car Racing
  • Computers/Technology
  • C# programming (strictly a hobby, not a professional)