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Getting Started


Using Waze

You can use the Waze App on your smartphone (on iOS, Android and Windows Phone) for navigation or even just drive around. You can also edit the maps to improve user experience.

Note: For Waze to work correctly, your device must have GPS and data (GSM/3G/4G) connectivity.

You can see your user information within the app, or logon to the Dashboard.

Editing the Map

One important feature of Waze is the ability for users to edit the maps. Every user can become a map editor. To start map editing, simply logon to the Waze Map Editor.

However, there are important information you must know before starting to edit the maps. Please continue to read on this page to find out more about editing maps, especially Map Editing Guidelines for Vietnam.

Points and Ranks

There are 2 types of points and ranks:

  • Driving points and ranks
  • Edit points and ranks
Driving Rank Condition
Waze Baby New users
Waze Grownup Competed 160 km (100 miles)
Waze Warrior Top 10% of the country
Waze Knight Top 4% of the country
Waze Royalty Top 1% of the country
Edit Rank Required Edits Upgrade Conditions
1 None None
2 3,000 Upgrade to level 2 is done automatically
3 25,000 Upgrade to level 3 is done automatically
4 100,000 Requires approval from staff and local champs
5 250,000 Requires approval from staff and local champs
6 500,000 Requires approval from staff and local champs

Timeline of Live Map Updates

Edits made in the online editors do not appear on the Live Map nor client immediately. The Waze servers typically update the client and Live Map every 24 hours, but at times delays could cause this to be multiple days between updates.

The maps of Vietnam are on the World Server. You can refer to International Tile Updates for latest information.

Please also take note on the types of edits which will trigger map updates.


Waze Help Center

You can find basic information on using the Waze App in the Waze Help Center.


The community of Vietnam has a dedicated Country Sub-Forum on the Waze forum. You can utilize this sub-forum to obtain useful information and communicate with other editors.

Please note that the forum posts are mostly generated from volunteer users/editors. Posting on this forum does not necessarily mean your opinions will reach the Waze Team.


This page is specifically for users/editors in Vietnam.

For general information, you may refer to The Waze Wiki Main Page.

External Resources

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Map Editing Guidelines


Usability When it comes to the map, the first and foremost goal of editing is to provide the driver with a map that is easy to follow on a small display, and to produce sensible verbal instructions when (and only when) they are needed.

Simplicity It is not a goal to model the physical roadway lane-by-lane. Doing so often leads to unnecessary complexity--which means a cluttered map, confusing verbal directions, and lots and lots (and lots!) of extra map maintenance.

Retention As a result of people driving over them, road segments retain certain information (e.g., average speed) that is used in route optimization. When a segment is deleted, that information is discarded. Given a choice between deleting a tangle of segments and creating new ones in their place, vs. untangling them and reusing them, it is often better to "recycle".

Waze Map Editor


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Editable Areas

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Keyboard Shortcuts

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(under development: defining cities, recommended practices)

Roads and Roundabouts

(under development: defining roads, types, recommended practices)


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Lock Levels

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Unlock Requests

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Update Requests (UR) & Map Problems (MP)

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Recommended Practices (RP)

RP for Naming Roads & Places (refer to subpages)
RP for Navigation Stop Points
RP for Junctions & Roundabouts

Vietnam Wiki Editing Guidelines

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Community of Editors in Vietnam

Channels of Communication

Request for Unlock

Request for Level Upgrade

Application for Area Manager

Community Management

Local Champs (LC)

Country Managers (CM)

Area Managers (AM)

Vietnam Community on Social Media