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Wyoming Alleys

Alleys are driveable roads that often provide access to the rear of a business or residence. They can be an important part of the map for routing purposes especially for places with rear access only and for drivers starting a route from an alley.

Mapping alleys in Wyoming is permitted with the following guidelines:

  • Alleys should always be mapped if
  • they have an official name.
  • they are the sole access to a home or business.
  • Alleys may be mapped if
  • they are acknowledged by the municipality.
  • there is evidence from Update Requests, Map Problems, or GPS traces that the alley is traveled regularly.
  • If an alley does not meet the above criteria, carefully consider whether the alley should be drawn at all, and this should include consulting with editing peers. The potential to negatively impact routing does exist, so be sure and follow the rules below.

When mapping alleys, use the following rules:

  1. Public alleys are to be mapped as a  Parking Lot Road  and named Alley when otherwise unnamed.
  2. Private or gated alleys are to be mapped as a  Private Road  with no name unless otherwise named.
  3. When adding an alley segment, House Numbers and Stop Points should be bumped to ensure the entrance is closest to the primary access point. Keep in mind some residences or business may have dual access. In such cases, default to the main road.[a]


  • Consider destination routing for alleys which will be closer to the destination pins for house numbers, or from Google, as this can cause all navigation to all the addresses on that block to route onto the alley instead. It may be better not to map these alleys. Bumping or adding the House Number in Waze should override the Google search result location.
  • Some alleys are one-way while others are two-way. Set the segment direction correctly.
  • If you have any doubts about whether to add an alley, consult peer editors or a higher ranking editor.

^a Google address pins may need adjusting as well.