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Things to add/Change in the Wiki

There's been some discussion on proper naming of County Hwy's so as to keep the TTS working and the client map as clutter free as possible. With that, it should be added that we use CR-x for all county roads in the state. There are some exceptions to this though. When a county hwy is one of the cardinal directions, N W E S, the letter needs to be enclosed in an appostraphe like this: CR-'N', CR-'W', CR-'E' and CR-'S'. When it comes to double and triple letter county hwys, the letters need to be spaced out, or the TTS will try to speak it as a word. So, CR-X X X would be proper.

New Area Manager Grid Layout Trial

Country Managers (Wisconsin Based, Level 5)

Username Area Managed Comments Forum PM

Area Managers (In State)

Username Level Area Managed Comments Forum PM
bbauter 3 Milwaukee / Southeastern Wisconsin / I-43 and I-94 corridor to Chicago and Madison
Bperucco 3 Jefferson and Eastern Dane County PM
Gibby71 3 Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie

jeff4378 3 Walworth County / Southern Waukesha County

Lonewolf147 3 Milwaukee / Southeastern Wisconsin / 41 corridor to Oshkosh PM

Noxbird 3 Milwaukee County Especially Milwaukee's east side, Oak Creek, Franklin, and Wauwatosa PM
sbelekevich 3 +/- Brown, Door Counties / Appleton See my user page for other editing ranges PM

WaooNetwork 3 Waukesha County / Milwaukee

Area Managers (Out of State)

Username Level Home State WI Areas Managed / Edited Forum PM
Made2Map 4 Alabama Wausau north to Eagle River along US 51, US 45, & US 8 (AM)