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Rank table

The following table provides a quick reference to the various rank related values discussed on this page.

Category Description Minimum Rank
Segment - Delete Delete a segment not created by themselves 2.
Real time closure (RTC) Create or edit a road closure including adding it to an MTE 3.
MTE - Create or edit Create or edit an MTE 2.
Difficult turn Set a difficult turn 3.
Headlights required Create or edit headlights required attribute 4.
House Number Force force house numbers to save 2.
Junction box Create or edit a junction box 4.
Place - Automatically trusted rank No longer require multiple edits to be approved before become trusted 2.
Place - Approved edits to be trusted The number of approved edits required before being trusted is currently unpublished.
Place - Add external provider Add an external provider to a place 2.
Place - Flagged content needing approval The highest rank requiring approval on flagged content 2.
Routing - Preferred or unpreferred Change preferred or unpreferred routing on a segment 4.
City - Add new Create a new city (not add an existing city to an object) 4.
City - Rename Change the name of a city (and thus the name shown in the address of every segment and place where it is used) a CM
Update Request (UR) Close an Update Request not created by themselves 2.
Area manager Receive area manager status (typically) 3.