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Below you will see a section titled "Next Lesson". The material that is listed there is expected to be studied (vice read). Early on the material will be fairly easy and you should have a good grasp just by reading. As we go forward, the material gets more challenging. You don't have to have a working level of the material after reading. I encourage you to write down your questions, and either ask me during a mentoring session or even outside of a mentoring session. Additionally, you are encouraged (and expected) to interact with other editors so that you can maximize your learnings -- So ask other editors questions about things you are unsure of. By all means, make sure that unanswered questions are resolved in one way or another.

Handy Links

Mapping Resources By State


Mentoring Videos

The following items have been covered and are considered complete.

Before You Start (Lesson 1-1)
Permalinks (Lesson 1-2)
WME Toolbar (Lesson 1-4) (Lesson 1-3 is N/A)
Status, Tile Updates, Points (Lesson 1-5)
First Edits -- Segments (Lesson 1-6)
First Edits -- Places (Lesson 1-7)
Parking Lot Roads (Lesson 1- 8)

The following items have been covered but need more discussion.

Reading Material for next Topic

Parking Lot Areas (Lesson 1-9)
Getting Help From Senior Editors (Editing Restrictions) (Lesson 1-10)
Road Types (Lesson 1-11)
External Sources (Lesson 1-12)
Junction Style Guide (Lesson 1-13)
Incorrect Edits (Lesson 1-15)
Update Requests (URs) & Map Problems (Lesson 1-16)

Future Topics' Reading Material

  • You do not have to read all of this at once. I'll point out what to study before the next lesson. But if you want to look ahead, this should keep you interested.
Editing Tips and Hints (Lesson 2-1)
Junction Angle Information (Lesson 2-3)