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Locking is important because it prevents loss of data due to automatic acceptance of Place Update submissions from Trusted Users, or Place Update Request approvals from other editors without careful examination. If you do not have a high enough enough rank to lock the place as indicated, please lock it as high as you can, and notify a higher rank AM, SM, CM, or Champ to lock it higher.

All Places with correct name (that is the place's name has correct capitalization and follows the Washington Place Naming Standard) should be locked at a minimum of level 2

All Places that have complete information (this includes at a minimum, name has correct capitalization and follows the Washington Place Naming Standard, the places full street address, hours of operation) are to be locked at lock level listed below.

Lock levels listed below are minimum lock, places can be locked higher depending on state wide significance.

Parent Category Lock Comments
Car Services Car Wash 2
Car Services Charging Station 3
Car Services Garage / Automotive Shop 2
Car Services Gas Station 3 Many gas stations also have convenience stores and ATMs. Remember to use "Gas Station" as the primary category and the add any others which are relevant. Please see the Places/Gas Station article.
Car Services Parking Lot 3 There are very few parking lots which should be mapped at all. Please see the Places/Parking lot article.
Transportation Airport 4
Transportation Bridge Road Type*
Transportation Bus Station -> Lock 2: Regular regional bus stops like

Lock 3: State

Transportation Ferry Pier 4 Ferries
Transportation Junction / Interchange Road Type* Make a state guide to mapping Junction / Interchange
Transportation Seaport / Marina / Harbor 2 Make a state guide to mapping Seaport / Marina / Harbor
Transportation Subway Station 2 None in Washington State
Transportation Taxi Station 3
Transportation Train Station 3
Transportation Tunnel Road Type*
Professional and public Cemetery 2
Professional and public City Hall 3
Professional and public College / University 5 Make a state guide to mapping campuses
Professional and public Conventions / Event Center 3
Professional and public Courthouse 2
Professional and public Embassy / Consulate 3 None in Washington State
Professional and public Factory / Industrial 3 Make a state guide to mapping Factory / Industrial
Professional and public Fire Department 3
Professional and public Government 2 Things like, licensing offices, dumps, etc
Professional and public Hospital / Medical Care -> Lock 4: Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, Urgent Medical Care facilities

Lock 3: Clinics and Medical Make a state guide to mapping hospitalONLY Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, and places offering Urgent Medical Care should use this category. ERs encompassed in a hospital Place Area should be Points.

Clinics, and Medical offices which do not offer urgent medical care for Walk-Ins should use the Office, (and any other appropriate) category instead.

Professional and public Information Point 2
Professional and public Kindergarten 3 Make a state guide to mapping schools
Professional and public Library 2 Make a state guide to mapping library's
Professional and public Military 5
Professional and public Offices 2 Make a state guide to mapping campuses
Professional and public Organization or Association 2 Make a state guide to mapping campuses
Professional and public Police Station 3 Make a state guide to mapping Police Stations
Professional and public Prison / Correctional Facility 3 Make a state guide to mapping Prison / Correctional Facility
Professional and public Post Office 3
Professional and public Religious Center 2
Professional and public School 3 Make a state guide to mapping schools
Shopping and services Arts & Crafts 2
Shopping and services ATM 2
Shopping and services Bank / Financial 2
Shopping and services Bookstore 2
Shopping and services Car Dealership 2
Shopping and services Car Rental 2
Shopping and services Convenience Store 2
Shopping and services Currency Exchange 2
Shopping and services Department Store 2
Shopping and services Electronics 2
Shopping and services Fashion and Clothing 2
Shopping and services Flowers 2
Shopping and services Furniture / Home Store 2
Shopping and services Gifts 2
Shopping and services Gym / Fitness 2
Shopping and services Hardware Store 2
Shopping and services Jewelry 2
Shopping and services Laundry / Dry Cleaning 2
Shopping and services Market 2
Shopping and services Music Store 2
Shopping and services Personal Care 2
Shopping and services Pet Store / Veterinarian 2
Shopping and services Pharmacy 2
Shopping and services Photography 2
Shopping and services Shopping Center 3
Shopping and services Sporting Goods 2
Shopping and services Supermarket / Grocery 2
Shopping and services Swimming Pool 2
Shopping and services Toy Store 2
Shopping and services Travel Agency 2
Food and drink Bakery 2
Food and drink Bar 2
Food and drink Coffee shop 2
Food and drink Dessert 2
Food and drink Fast Food 2
Food and drink Food Court 2
Food and drink Ice Cream 2
Food and drink Restaurant 2
Culture & entertainment Art Gallery 2
Culture & entertainment Casino -> Lock 2: Stand alone casinos (Points)

Lock 3: Large casinos with multiple places (Area) Make a state guide to mapping campuses

Culture & entertainment Club 2
Culture & entertainment Game Club 2
Culture & entertainment Movie Theater 2
Culture & entertainment Museum 2
Culture & entertainment Music Venue 2
Culture & entertainment Performing Arts Venue 2
Culture & entertainment Racing Track 3
Culture & entertainment Stadium / Arena 3
Culture & entertainment Theme Park 3
Culture & entertainment Theater 2
Culture & entertainment Tourist Attraction / Historic Site 2
Culture & entertainment Zoo / Aquarium 3
Other Construction Site 2 Not necessary to be mapped.
Lodging Bed & Breakfast 2
Lodging Camping / Trailer Park 2
Lodging Cottage / Cabin 2
Lodging Hostel 2
Lodging Hotel 2
Outdoors Beach 3
Outdoors Golf Course 3
Outdoors Park -> Lock 3: Local City Parks / Relatively Small Parks

Lock 5: State Parks / National Parks

Outdoors Playground 2 Make a state guide to mapping Parks, Forest / Grove
Outdoors Plaza 2
Outdoors Promenade 2
Outdoors Scenic Lookout / Viewpoint 3
Outdoors Ski Area 3 Make a state guide to mapping campuses
Outdoors Sports Court 1
Natural features Farm 1
Natural features Forest / Grove 3 Make a state guide to mapping Parks, Forest / Grove
Natural features Island 5
Natural features River / Stream 5 Make a state guide to mapping Sea / Lake / Pond. River / Stream Possibly make a nation guide for water layer
Natural features Sea / Lake / Pond 5 Make a state guide to mapping Sea / Lake / Pond. River / Stream}} Possibly make a nation guide for water layer
  • Locking by Road Type guide: Street (2), Primary Street (2), Minor Highway (3), Major Highway (4), and Freeway (5)

Washington/ To Do Places

Want to help out mapping places in Washington. See Washington/To Do Places

Naming Standard

In an effort to standardize Place Names, Washington uses the following list of Common names. Please note the appropriate category name, as well as the listed spelling. This is necessary for the proper display of any advertising associated with the site (i.e. SUBWAY discounts)

Car Services

Gas Station

When mapping Gas Stations you should follow national guide. Places/Gas Station

The name of Gas Station should reflect its brand affiliation, so that drivers can select their preferred brand from the gas station search results in the app.

Alternative names may include the name as provided by the third-party provider, or the name of the associated convenience store. For exampleː Arco gas station with a ampm Convenience Store should have primary category of "Gas Station", with secondary category of "Convenience Store". Should also have a "Arco" as the primary name and "ampm" as secondary name.

Government Agencies

Police Station / Fire Department

Police/Sheriff Stations: Naming of Police Stations should start with the agencies abbreviation. SPD (Seattle Police Department), WSP (Washington State Patrol), KCS (King County Sheriff), ect. The abbreviation should be followed by the precinct.

  • SPD - West Precinct
  • WSP - District 1
  • KCS - 2nd Precinct

Fire Stations: "Fire Station" – followed by the City/Agency Name or abbreviation and followed by the station number. For example:

  • Fire Station - SFD 5
  • Fire Station - Kitties County Fire District 6
City Hall / Courthouse / Library
  • Seattle City Hall
  • Kind County Courthouse
    • King County District Court - Bellevue
  • Seattle Public Libray
    • SPL - Queen Anne Branch
Post Office

USPS: Start the name with "Post Office", almost every location has a name, put that after "Post Office" separated by a hyphen (-). Location names can be found here. For example: "Post Office - Queen Anne" "Post Office - Ellensburg" "Post Office"


Rest Area
Train Station