UR Guidelines History


This page is intended to document UK guidelines for dealing with Update Requests (URs) and UR conversations.

The priority with URs should always be to identify the problem correctly and either resolve it by editing the map or explain to the original reporter why that can't be done. Drivers who take the trouble to report a problem deserve a prompt and helpful resolution.

A UR should never be closed without at least one conversation message explaining why it was closed. Waze say that soon URs will remain on the map for a period after being closed. The conversation record will help other editors to know what has been done and learn from it.

Initial Procedure for Dealing with a UR

Clearly Resolvable URs

If the UR can not be resolved by editing (e.g. "Traffic Lights"), you should provide a clear explanation using the conversation feature and then close the UR as "solved". If appropriate, refer the reporter to the Support Page or the Forum.

If you can resolve the UR by editing, do so (requesting unlocks if needed). Provide a brief note of what you have done via conversation and close the UR as "solved".

Unclear URs - Starting a Conversation

If you find a UR that is still yellow and there is an Area Manager for the area (check the AM layer in the editor) and the problem is unclear, please leave the UR alone, at least until it turns orange. AMs may have local knowledge. They also rely on URs to get a better idea of the area they are managing. Once the UR turns orange, the priority shifts to providing a resolution to the reporter.

If the problem is unclear you should ask the reporter for more information via conversation. Remember that most reporters will just be App users with no knowledge of the editing process - so don't get too technical. It's also a good idea to reference the reported problem to refresh their memory - e.g. "You reported an Incorrect Junction where the High St crosses Old Rd". Try to keep replies brief, as the App Inbox doesn't use the whole screen width.

You should include wording to the effect that the UR will be closed after at least 7 days if there is no response.

You may wish to include an email address in your message. Some reporters prefer to reply by email - although, depending on their reply, it can be hard to work out which UR they are responding to. You may also wish to point out that you are a volunteer editor.

Be polite!

UR's with Conversations

Joining a Conversation

URs with existing conversations are still open to all editors. If you examine the UR and feel you have something useful to contribute then, by all means, do so. But please give precedence for fixing the problem to the editor who opened the conversation.

Closing a UR with a Conversation

If you are not the editor who originally started the conversation, or an AM for that area, or a Country Manager/Administrator (CM/CA), you should not close the UR.

If there has been no response for at least 7 days, the editor who originally started the conversation should consider closing the UR. An AM/CM/CA may also close the UR, but it would be more polite to add a message to the conversation - such as "Since there seems to be no further progress here, do you want to close this UR now?".

When closing a UR, please leave a message as to why you are doing so.

"Note to Self" URs

If you want to leave a UR as a note to yourself, make sure this is clearly stated in the text, otherwise it will be treated like any other UR.

If you encounter one of these left by another editor and you consider that the problem is obvious, you should use the conversation to ask if it's OK before you try to fix it.

If the UR has turned red without action, you should remind the editor via conversation.

Roadworks URs

The UK Roadworks Forum is working quite well and part of the roadworks procedure is to leave a UR at the site of the roadworks with a link to the relevant topic in the forum.

Roadworks URs should only be closed by the original editor, as part of the process of finishing off roadworks edits. Any discussion about the roadworks should take place on the forum topic.

Please make sure you start the text of these URs with [ROADWORKS] when creating them. If you miss out the square brackets, spell the word incorrectly or get the case wrong, the URO+ and LMUR scripts may be unable to filter them properly.

Sample Texts

See also Update Requests (UK) - suggested answers.

Below are some sample texts for responding to URs. There is no obligation to use these - they are simply provided to illustrate the sort of message editors should be providing.

  • You reported a <problem type> at <location>. If you can supply any more information, I would like to help. You can reply to this message in the app, or (if this report is closed by another editor) send me a Private Message at www.waze.com/forum / send an email to <email address>. If there is no further response, I will close this report in about 7 days.
  • Waze has no facility to mark traffic lights, Stop or Give Way signs. It will not announce any instructions at such a junction unless you need to make a turn. Waze does take traffic lights and stop signs into account by noting the effect they have on traffic speed. I'm sorry I can't be of more help here.
  • I am the Area Manager for this area. This junction frequently suffers from long delays and the detour Waze suggested generally makes sense during the rush hour.
  • I am closing this update request as there is insufficient information to resolve it and there has been no response from the original reporter. If any contributors have more information, you can post on https://www.waze.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=55 or send an email to <email address>.
  • Thank you for your report and for helping improve the map for other Wazers. I hope you continue to enjoy using Waze! :)
  • You reported a no-right-turn at the junction of Second Avenue and Third Street. The road signage here is misleading: when approaching from the west, it appears that Third Street is clearly marked No Entry <GSV link>. It's only as you reach the junction that a separate entry lane can be seen <GSV link>.
  • We know of an issue with some motorway and major road junctions where users are taken off only to be directed to come back on again. This is a problem with the algorithms that Waze use and us volunteer map editors can do little about it. We are working with Waze to help them find a solution but for now all I can do is close your report. There is a thread on the Waze forum if you want to read more about this issue (see http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=56560)
  • We know of an issue in London where users fail to get routes at certain times of day across London. This is a problem with the algorithms that Waze use and us volunteer map editors can do little about it. We are working with Waze to help them find a solution but for now all I can do is close your report. There is a thread on the Waze forum if you want to read more about this issue (see http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=55997)